As a young girl, I wasn’t the healthiest person and you’d be surprised to know what my diet consisted of (Lots of fries, cheese, pasta, white bread, sausages, soda etc.). What I never came to realise back then was the relationship between the food I ate and how I felt at the time. Croissants and donuts to start the day, ready meals and packaged food for convenience, either burgers or pizza to celebrate, McDonalds after a night out; these were the foods I’d eat to reward myself or even comfort myself. Eating all the wrong types of food and eating emotionally, it was no surprise that I was often ill, feeling bloated, lethargic, lightheaded, had lots of difficulty waking up in the morning and trouble focusing during the day.Energy drinks and coffee were my fuel for energy during school and university days. Over that period of time my symptoms only got worse, and the damages took its toll on me. It presented as I had developed IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

I never knew what “being healthy” really meant at the time, nor did I really care.

After all I was skinny and I exercised a lot to be “fit”; and living in a society that praises body image, this was all what mattered – right?

To be honest, I did always have those periods of time where I’ve decided to be very “healthy”. On the other hand, since I didn’t have any experience with being healthy, I started buying all kind of products that are marketed as “healthy”. I opted for the products labeled with “low calories”, “diet”, “sugar free”, “low fat”, “fat free”; which in reality are nutrients-poor and loaded with chemical additives that leave your body starving. Unfortunately, these health claims on food packages are misleading people to think they’re making healthier choices by buying them. These “healthy diets” never lasted long or worked for me anyway, I always ended up binging on everything I’ve deprived myself from eating.Over time I started to “emotionally” eat, to comfort and treat my self with junk food. I used food to cope with my emotions, then I would feel worse about myself and I’d eat more to suppress that feeling. That was a vicious cycle that turned into new habits and that’s when I developed – to some extent – binge eating disorder. (BED)

I gained about 10 kg and became aware of the self-hatred I had towards my relationship with food. I was really unhappy with how I looked. I’m not a vain person but I certainly was not at peace with what I saw in the mirror, and that really wasn’t supporting to have the confidence to move my life forward.


At this point I became so frustrated that I wanted to do something about it and started researching and reading about healthy eating and emotional eating. I started understanding myself, my brain, and my habit in a new way which allowed me to find complete freedom from my BED. My journey into this lifestyle started with small changes in my diet and that’s when I discovered the extent to which what I was feeding my body had an impact on my physical and emotional wellbeing. My body changed. My symptoms disappeared and I became full of energy. My skin began to glow, I felt better and slept better.

I’ve also learnt to listen to my body, know what food worked for me, what didn’t.

Most importantly I started enjoying the food I ate, eating consciously, with no feeling of guilt. I was free, free from calories counting and free from the control that food had over me. I became more present and happier, and everyone around me noticed it.
I then developed a regular yoga practice that helped me gain emotional control. I really fell in love with this lifestyle, with taking care of myself and with giving back to others. That turned into a passion and over time I started to get more creative with my recipes, learned so much on nutrition, yoga, therapy and I’m still constantly learning.

The more present I felt the more I wanted to pursue what was in my heart.

I’ve never felt so inspired after this transformation to make a change and inspire others to get on this journey. For that reason I’ve decided to quit the corporate world, to follow my heart and become a health coach, therapist and yoga teacher. This has infused my life with meaning and purpose. Seeing the changes and impact I’ve made on people’s lives is what drives me everyday, and a desire to make people feel better about themselves and to help them feel their absolute best.

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